Skuld V2

(Written before the 2019 Battlebots season…) So, seeing first gen Skuld was a nice, toasty embarassment fire in Atlanta back in September, I had motivation to not procrastinate version 2. Immediately I went back to the drawing board to rectify things before Motorama 2019 snuck up on me. Goals for this next version:

  • Make a real weapon or else I’m gonna die real hard (Tako-san will likely still tag along as a spare option at Moto)

  • Get rid of those China super cheap drone ESCs

I added a bit of thickness to the arm because I can just see the head snapping off. For the prettyifying, I think I’ll keep the rails cranberry but I haven’t decided about the top plate. All black robots are a bit too common but most actual colors look silly. Maybe I should Millenial Pink the top if Home Depot still has the paint…? Similarly, I could see myself doing a less yellow-y bronze/copper. No one takes their aesthetics seriously (well, almost no one—- Alex also cares).


My good friend, Charles, talked me into his (pricey) 6 FET Brushless Rage Bridges for my drivetrain and a 12 FET for the weapon. After some testing, I think this isn’t the version that will be going to Motorama (or anywhere outside of my makerspace for that matter). Stay tuned for a very too-late-scheduled V3 >.>