Weight Classes:

Mass Destruction hosts the following Weight Classes:

Plastic Ants: This 1 lb weight class is an easy entry point for anyone looking to get into the sport! All it takes is some hardware, some electronics, and some scrap plastic or a 3D printer and you’ll be competing in no time!

Antweights - Full Combat: This class is one step up from plastic ants - you can use any materials you want to construct one of these 1 lb fighting robots, as long as they comply with the rules!

Beetleweights - Full Combat: This is where the fun begins! These 3lb robots can pack quite a punch, which is one of the reasons why beetleweights are the most popular robot combat weight class.

Hobbyweights - Sumo/Sportsman: At 12 lbs, the bots are bigger, but the rules are different. For the sake of our dear old arena, this class is all about skill and technique - no high-energy weapons are allowed. Either push your opponent off the stage or run out of batteries trying.


Mass Destruction follows the official SPARC Ruleset for all weight classes, with some modifications and below.

The SPARC Ruleset

Plastic Ant Amendments:

  1. The majority of your robot's construction must be some kind of polymer, with the exception of hardware used to hold it together. If you can touch it, it has to be some kind of polymer. We encourage using anything from scrap plastic found in your basement to elaborately (plastic) 3D printed designs.

  2. Batteries, motors, electronics, wheels, and axles are exempt, but don't get cheeky with this and cover your robot in non-functional circuit board armor. Failure to comply means  you get thrown in with the regular ants.

  3. No, Carbon-fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass are not polymers, nor are plastics supplemented with them like NylonX or Onyx.

12lb Sumo/Sportsman Amendments:

  1. No spinners. Saws, giant rubber wheel spinners and the like are a-okay though.

  2. Wedges are also a-okay!

Challenges and Addendums:

  1. If your robot is overweight, we get to spin the Wheel of Misfortune to decide which method we can employ to embarrass you into never doing so again. Options include:

    • Start with your robot upside-down

    • Drive with your transmitter upside-down or sideways

    • You drive one stick on your transmitter and a volunteer drives the other

    • Wearing 3D glasses over the duration of the match

    • Deliver a speech to the audience about how you’ll never do it again

  2. 100% weight bonus for a robot that can throw spinning sawblades

  3. You can make a robot that shoots glitter, if it can also clean it up post-match (if it doesn’t, you get to!)